Nov 30, 2010

Alesha Dixon - Baddest Chick

Alesha Dixon Lyrics Baddest Chick

Title: Alesha Dixon
Artist: Baddest Chick
Here is Baddest Chick Lyrics by Alesha Dixon @

I'm gonna so nam
Trying to get you some cruiting at a cram
You know what I want even when you don't
I'm a give it to ya anywhere you want (want)
One look, don't stay
Give it to me now, yeah yeah yeah
You don't give a fuck, I don't really care
Put one in the air.


Spin my body round, like a belly go
Round and round and round
Just can't get enough
Get it get it up, turn my body on
You got what I want.
Got a problem
You're the one to go
If you tell me now "it's ok"
Get it get it up turn my body on
I got what you need.
You're looking at the baddest chick in the field
And don't your love, I don't catch feeling
Shine all day play all night
I can feel you got just what I feel like
That's what I feel like (feel like) [x2]
That's how I feel (feel like)
Just what I feel
Like the baddest chick meet please right here.
Come here boy crash into my bumper
What you do boy, move your body closer
Oh (oh oh) give me that (that that)
Till my knees get weak and your body drops sweat.
Ain't play no games
Reap your whip boy go insane
Go go stupid, loco, whatever
You already know it's forever.


Baddest chicks no others
Live in the richness
But did I streaky the business
That you can call me the figures
I'm twenty dreams and the willies
Don't want to tell me the feeling
You're looking at the baddest chick.


Alesha Dixon - Baddest Chick Lyrics

Baddest Chick Lyrics Alesha Dixon

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I love you Alesha DIxon

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